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Whether you're a new or soon-to-be mum or know someone about to bring a new bundle of joy into the world, what is needed to complete the perfect baby bag set-up is something that I'm sure is on your mind!
A quick google search of "the best baby bag" will quickly leave you more confused than ever before! Do I really need a bag that turns into a bed? Do I need a backpack and then a pram caddy and then an everyday bag? Are all these expenses really necessary?
And if you're on the hunt for the perfect practical baby gift that will last the mother a lifetime, narrowing down what to get is a challenging mission! If you want to give a gift that's a little more than another bunny toy and swaddle, this article has you covered!
Here is our list of the best items to purchase, to save your money on the unnecessarily, a list of items you know will still be in use for many years after bub is photographed on their first day at school!

The baby bag!

When looking for a baby bag, compartments and sizes are key! You want a bag with lots of different areas to place your bottles, change of clothes, nappies, snacks, etc. A bag that is too small can result in the whole thing spilling over the shopping centre floor as you hunt for the dummy to calm the screaming baby! And on the other hand, too big bags can lead to some unpleasant back pain as you manage to juggle bubs and your belongings through to the park to catch up with your new mum's group! Investing in the perfect size multi-compartment is key and now made easy with our top picks below!

The Ravello

The Praiano 

St Gallen Handbag

The necessity holder!

You want to keep your go-to items in an easy-to-reach pull-out compartment! Whether it's a few nappies, your wet wipes, or your phone, lippy, and wallet, you want these items separate in their own compartment to save a big rumble through your bag when they are needed.

The Milano

The Saint-Raphael Travel Clutch


Dummy Holders

These can be a gift from god! And something you will want easy access to and for them to be safe and clean from the biscuits and used Squizzy packets that as bound to line the bottom of your beloved baby bag! (Always an easy telltale sign of who's a mother or who is not!)


The Vicenza Jewellery Pouch

The Oslo Coin Pouch

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