Hope Again Collection

Just like a coin, despair has a flip side- and that is HOPE.

As the sun started to rise in this new season, as we began to create this new range of products, our gaze was on the horizon of what lie ahead; possibility, a chance to look at the world again with fresh eyes and practice hope as we prepare for the days ahead.
We wanted you to do the same. To walk with us down well-travelled paths and into unchartered territory. To pick your favourite pieces in anticipation of the adventures that await. To look at the earth with wonder. To wander with us, to HOPE AGAIN…
41 Hope Again Collection
41 Hope Again Collection
The Bellagio Card Wallet
The Bellagio Card Wallet Wallets
The Lazise Card Wallet
The Lazise Card Wallet Wallets
The Petite Marseille Crossbody Wallet
The Petite Marseille Crossbody Wallet Bags
The Madrid Crossbody
The Madrid Crossbody Bags
+9 more +7 more
Lido di Venezia Crossbody
Lido di Venezia Crossbody Bags
+11 more +9 more
The Toulouse Crossbody
The Toulouse Crossbody Bags
Le Marche Crossbody
Le Marche Crossbody Bags
+9 more +7 more
The Trieste Grande Crossbody
The Trieste Grande Crossbody Bags
The Santorini Grande Crossbody
The Santorini Grande Crossbody Bags
+9 more +7 more
Le Voyage Vanity Case
Le Voyage Vanity Case Bags
The Trentino Crossbody
The Trentino Crossbody Bags
The Ravello Crossbody
The Ravello Crossbody Bags
The Parisian Crossbody
The Parisian Crossbody Bags
The Little Marley Crossbody
The Little Marley Crossbody Bags
The Athens Grande Crossbody
The Athens Grande Crossbody Bags
Lido di Venezia Grande Crossbody
Lido di Venezia Grande Crossbody Bags
The Ostuni Crossbody
The Ostuni Crossbody Bags
The Verbier Crossbody
The Verbier Crossbody Bags
Le Voyage Petite Vanity Case
Le Voyage Petite Vanity Case Bags
The Verbier Handbag
The Verbier Handbag Bags
The San Montano Crossbody
The San Montano Crossbody Bags
The Salzburg Grande Structured Crossbody
The Salzburg Grande Structured Crossbody Bags
The Lyon Crossbody
The Lyon Crossbody Bags
The Montreux Crossbody
The Montreux Crossbody Bags
The Rocks Handbag
The Rocks Handbag Bags
The Chamonix Deux Crossbody
The Chamonix Deux Crossbody Bags
The Trentino Handbag
The Trentino Handbag Bags
The Montreux Handbag
The Montreux Handbag Bags
The Lyon Tote
The Lyon Tote Bags
The Monterosso Crossbody
The Monterosso Crossbody Bags
The Bellagio Handbag
The Bellagio Handbag Bags
The Vilnius Crossbody
The Vilnius Crossbody Bags
The Vilnius Handbag
The Vilnius Handbag Bags
The Prague Handbag
The Prague Handbag Bags
The Bristol Handbag
The Bristol Handbag Bags
The Eze Handbag
The Eze Handbag Bags
Il Vino Bottle Pouch
Il Vino Bottle Pouch Bags
The Santiago Gym Bag
The Santiago Gym Bag Bags
The Salerno Duffle
The Salerno Duffle Bags
The Williamsburg Boss Bag
The Williamsburg Boss Bag Bags
The Marley Handbag
The Marley Handbag Bags
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