Andiamo in Vacanza!

Andiamo in Vacanza!

It is these feelings of gratitude that have sparked, seeded, and now delivered our newest collection: Andiamo in Vacanza, ‘Let’s Go on Vacation'.

Here at Wanderers, we are falling in love with cities we have never been to and people we have never met; and we are dreaming of the romantic nights, family fun, and personal memories we will make along the way.

If the last 2 years have taught us anything, it is to appreciate that which we have seen and experienced, and to jump with both feet into the unknown. This collection celebrates the world reopening. It is both daring and practical: meeting the needs of the avid traveller and yet indulging in the luxury of purchasing a piece that will accompany you on your next adventure and last a lifetime.

So here we go – this is your invitation to join us as we plan our next vacation. Let us leave disappointment behind. Let us seize the day in front of us. Let us wander the untrodden paths and the familiar trails alike. Let us use adventure, kindness, and curiosity as our roadmap.

As avid explorer and curious wanderer, Mark Twain once declared, ‘Throw off the bowlines! Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

The world is waiting … Andiamo in Vacanza.

With love,
Ben, Alissa and the Wanderers Team

34 Andiamo in Vacanza!
34 Andiamo in Vacanza!
The San Leonardo Handbag
The San Leonardo Handbag Bags
The Copenhagen Belt Bag
The Copenhagen Belt Bag Bags
The Hamburg Crossbody
The Hamburg Crossbody Bags
The Hütten Wallet
The Hütten Wallet Wallets
The Pré-Saint-Didier Crossbody
The Pré-Saint-Didier Crossbody Bags
The Casamicciola Crossbody
The Casamicciola Crossbody Bags
The Leogang backpack
The Leogang backpack Bags
The Petite Marseille Woven Crossbody Wallet
The Petite Marseille Woven Crossbody Wallet Bags
The Düsseldorf Crossbody
The Düsseldorf Crossbody Bags
The Rapallo Crossbody
The Rapallo Crossbody Bags
The Lacco Ameno Crossbody
The Lacco Ameno Crossbody Bags
The Galway Mini Backpack
The Galway Mini Backpack Bags
The Torquay Wallet
The Torquay Wallet Wallets
The Sanasana Handbag
The Sanasana Handbag Bags
The Ana-Fontelina Wallet
The Ana-Fontelina Wallet Wallets
The San Martin Wallet
The San Martin Wallet Wallets
The Galway Backpack
The Galway Backpack Bags
The Toronto Handbag
The Toronto Handbag Bags
The Courmayeur handbag
The Courmayeur handbag Bags
The Epomeo Crossbody
The Epomeo Crossbody Bags
The Santa Margherita Piccola
The Santa Margherita Piccola Bags
The Toscana Handbag
The Toscana Handbag Bags
The Amsterdam Handbag
The Amsterdam Handbag Bags
Andiamo in Vacanza Travel Wallet
Andiamo in Vacanza Travel Wallet Wallets
The Rapallo Grande
The Rapallo Grande Bags
The Dublin Crossbody
The Dublin Crossbody Bags
The Toscana Crossbody
The Toscana Crossbody Bags
The Burleigh Bucket Bag
The Burleigh Bucket Bag Bags
The Santa Margherita Grande
The Santa Margherita Grande Bags
The Andermatt Crossbody
The Andermatt Crossbody Bags
The Epomeo Grande
The Epomeo Grande Bags
The Andermatt Woven Crossbody
The Andermatt Woven Crossbody Bags
The San Francisco Duffle
The San Francisco Duffle Bags
The Serrara Fontana Handbag
The Serrara Fontana Handbag Bags
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