Every wardrobe should have a great leather tote! Perfect as a carry on for your flight or for everyday Wandering. For when you need to throw it all in and go! Simple. Classic. Chic.

30 Totes
30 Totes
The Madrid Handbag
The Madrid Handbag Bags
+9 more +7 more
The Petite Parisian
The Petite Parisian Bags
+9 more +7 more
The Montreal
The Montreal Bags
The Parisian
The Parisian Bags
The Valencia Handbag
The Valencia Handbag Bags
The Monte Carlo Handbag
The Monte Carlo Handbag Bags
The Petite Parisian with Studs
The Petite Parisian with Studs Bags
The Athens Handbag
The Athens Handbag Bags
The Lucerne Bag
The Lucerne Bag Bags
The Ostuni Grande
The Ostuni Grande Bags
The Parisian Crossbody
The Parisian Crossbody Bags
The Lyon Tote
The Lyon Tote Bags
The Rocks Handbag
The Rocks Handbag Bags
The Eze Handbag
The Eze Handbag Bags
The Marley Handbag
The Marley Handbag Bags
The Trentino Handbag
The Trentino Handbag Bags
Valeria Piccola
Valeria Piccola Bags
Flora Grande
Flora Grande Bags
Valentina Grande
Valentina Grande Bags
Teodora Tote
Teodora Tote Bags
Valentina Piccola
Valentina Piccola Bags
The Toscana Crossbody
The Toscana Crossbody Bags
The Toscana Handbag
The Toscana Handbag Bags
Serena Handbag
Serena Handbag Bags
Gemma Handbag
Gemma Handbag Bags
Dorotea Tote
Dorotea Tote Bags
Marta Handbag
Marta Handbag Bags
The Saturnia Piccola
The Saturnia Piccola Bags
The Neive Tote
The Neive Tote Bags
The Saturnia Grande
The Saturnia Grande Bags
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