There is no one like her. The name 'Evie' means 'A woman who enjoys life' - and in our household, there could be nothing more true. The day she was born was a dream come true, and everyday since has been filled with more joy than we could have imagined. Honest and loyal, creative, clever and strong - she knows her mind and has a strength and confidence about her that most women twice her age only dream of.



With an eye for colour and an appetite for adventure - this bag, our Evie Piccola and Grande, is the perfect tribute. It is both traditional and fun, the curved lines of leather piping creating a modern edge to a classic shape. The internal zippered pocket holds all of the essentials, plus so much more, and this style comes with a removable crossbody strap for easy wearing. Whether she is trapezing the streets of Rome or shopping with her friends in the local thrift store, this namesake bag for our middle child and only girl is undoubtedly one for your collection.

Featuring our NEW "W" cotton lining.